About Us

Heroes Forever was established in 2008 by those affected by pediatric cancer. Our lives have been forever changed because we have been touched by a “Hero”.

We are: Hero Moms, Hero Dads, Hero Grandparents, Hero Aunts and Hero Uncles, Hero Brothers and Sisters, Hero family members, Hero friends, Hero Dr.’s and Hero Nurses; we are the Hero.


Heroes Forever’s vision is to develop and implement programs and activities that enable pediatric cancer patients and their families a healthy escape from the everyday rigors of all that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery demands. It is our goal to educate and inform so that all may understand and accept that medical treatments, recreational activities, emotional support as well as financial support all play a vital role in the successful treatment for cancer and life-threatening illnesses. It is also important to realize that the illness impacts not only the patient, but the entire family. We would like to make available not only outtings for these families on a regular basis, but referral and recommendations of a variety of resource and support systems to all families who are undergoing treatment.

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